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Product Spotlight -Deceptech(tm) VSA System by Truth & Deception Technologies

The Deceptech(tm) Voice Stress Analysis from Truth & Deception Technologies is a state of the art truth and deception system for detecting stress in the spoken word.


This system when used in conjunction with a certified trained ISSA voice stress examiner, has an accuracy rate over 96%. Examinations are derived from clear and concise protocols that are time tested. Contrary to popular myth spread by polygraph users, several studies have shown the accuracy of this technology. We do not make any inconclusive calls on any examination like that of the polygraph.


Our examinations are non-intrusive and take approximately 90 minutes to complete. The examination consists of a interview, pre-test, examination and a post review. A detailed report is completed for each examination explaining the results.

An examination can be performed on relatively any type of situation. Some of the different types of examinations are infidelity in a relationship(cheating), medical malpractice, insurance fraud, news media and criminal cases.

Narrative analysis examinations of recorded statements and interviews can also be examined for signs of deception.


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